About Jon


Hi, and thanks for taking the time to visit my site! My name is Jonathan. I was born in the Fraser Valley of the beautiful British Columbia, and have enjoyed living here ever since.  After going to school and graduating, I worked for several years in the video games industry as a Technical Artist. I also worked at a local 3D printing shop as their lead Technical Artist. I loved being a part of the work in the games industry and 3D printing; they were both engaging fields, filled with creativity and problem-solving.  Creative work flow and problem-solving are two things I love doing, and two things which also happen to fit well into photography.

Photography has become a passion of mine and something in which I find much joy and creativity. As a unique part of me, it gives a voice to who I am and what I see, and allows me to take part in the world and moments around me.  I love being able to bring a moment into a photograph and make it something that is not only pleasing to the eye, but to the mind and heart as well. Taking a photo is so much more than pressing a button and opening a shutter.  It’s capturing a story in a single image, showing that one moment of joy, pain, adventure, love.  To me, a photo is something special and powerful — It has the power to recall a memory, a feeling, and a moment. I think you should be able to look back at an image years later and be able to remember what you were feeling when it was taken.








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