Joshua Tree Milky Way

Finally! I have wanted to go to Joshua Tree for years and year. Now granted on this trip I only got to see it at evening, but rest assured I will be doing another trip to stay here sometime in the future for a bit. That being said, the sky here in INCREDIBLE. You can […]

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Porteau Cove Sunset

Sunsets are cliche, over done, and nothing new.  I know, but still you have to shoot them once in a while. I do have to say though, I’m so happy with how this turned out, that it is now a 12×36″ print on my wall. 

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Cascade Falls

I went up to cascade falls, which is just east of Mission today with a buddy for a bit of photography.  I haven’t been to this spot in many moons, and i’m sad I haven’t. It’s a beautiful spot with many opportunities for photos! Here’s one I took today, which is a composite of two […]

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Gone Camping

Well, I went camping with some friends at Jones lake here in BC.  Beautiful place, sometimes it’s hard to remember just how much beauty is literally in your backyard.

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Up Sumas mountain

Well, decided to go for a little walk tonight up a mountain about a 10 minute drive from my house. Took some shots of the valley, though not getting the view of the valley that I want, i’ll have to scout around some more to find which side I need to go up to get […]

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