Lightroom Tips and Tricks

Lightroom – Vibrance VS Saturation

There are two tools in Lightroom for pushing colour, the first is Saturation, one I think we’re all pretty familiar with, the second is Vibrance.  At first glance these two tools seem pretty similar, but use it a bit and you will see quite a difference in their affect on an image, so what is […]

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Lightroom – The Target tool

Lightroom has many features to make editing faster, and easier on us. One such tool, the target tool seems to be slightly over looked, but increases the ease of many tools in the develop module. You can find the target tool in your Tone Curve & HSL / Colour / B&W. Open up the develop […]

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Output Sharpening in Lightroom

Sharpening is one of those things, that’s so subjective to not only each image, but can be to each part of the image.  You have to decide if you want the high frequency detail sharpened, and then to what extent.  Then are you applying extra sharpening to the eyes of your subject? Or what about […]

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