August 11, 2013

Lightroom – The Target tool

Lightroom has many features to make editing faster, and easier on us. One such tool, the target tool seems to be slightly over looked, but increases the ease of many tools in the develop module. You can find the target tool in your Tone Curve & HSL / Colour / B&W.

Open up the develop module, and scroll down on the right hand side to your HSL tab, upon opening it up, in the top left hand corner will be a small little image


Click on this tool to activate it, then hover your mouse around your image. You’ll notice different colours get highlighted in your develop panel, depending on what colour your mouse is hovering over. This is a great way to edit the colours in your image, as many times one part of your image will be made up of 2 or more colours. This is a fast way to shift and change things, and works in Saturation and Luminance as well.

When you’re done with it, just press done at the bottom right of your image on the toolbar. I use the target tool much more often then dragging the sliders, because when I often think a colour is mostly green, it may turn out to be yellow and green, and I don’t affect enough with just one slider.