April 5, 2013

3D Photos

So, one benefit of working in a camera store, is getting to see some random and quite cool cameras I may not have otherwise heard about. I was talking to one of our regulars and 3D cameras and images came up, well he told me about a camera he had, and brought it in for me to borrow. The camera is a Nishika N8000, 4 lens 3D Camera. Well I loaded up a roll of film and went out shooting on the next sunny day. Sunny because this camera only gives you the option for 3 different f-stops, no shutter speed.

Now as printing these to lenticular sheets doesn’t happen much anymore, what I did was scan them on our negative scaner, align them in Photoshop and made what’s known as a wiggle gif, it goes back and forth between the frames to give you a sense of depth.

Wiggle4 Wiggle5